Directorate General of Environmental Impact Assessment, Permit and Inspection

Directorate General of Environmental Impact Assessment, Permit and Inspection
Department of Laboratory Measurement and Monitoring


1) To carry out measurements and analyzes that are the basis for permits, monitoring and audits within the scope of environmental legislation, to authorize private or public institutions and organizations laboratories, to take the role of reference laboratory in measurement and analysis activities,

2) In coordination with the relevant Ministry units, institutions and organizations, implementing monitoring and inspection programs in cooperation with the relevant units that will contribute to the establishment of environmental targets at the determined points with mobile water / waste water laboratories, to take effective measures in basins and seas and to the implementation of the legislation,

3) To carry out the determining, implementing and enforcing of standards for environmental measurement and analysis methods in accordance with the country's conditions, ensuring methodology and method unity, and providing opinions on standard drafts by cooperating with relevant units,

4) To establish Quality Management Systems for measurement, monitoring and analysis systems,

5) To establish and implement audit plans in order to inspect and monitor laboratories that have received competence certificates,

6) To implement and maintain the Department activities concerning TS / EN ISO 17025 - "General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories" standard and other quality systems,

7) To work in coordination with the National ILU Monitoring Authority within the scope of Good Laboratory Practices activities,

8) To monitor / analyze the pollution caused by industrial facilities and activities in receiving environments, to have the treatment and industrial facilities set up continuous measurement systems, to record, evaluate, report and coordinate the studies on this matter,

9) To carry out pre-assessment studies on water quality at seas, to determine sampling points and to determine the pollution parameters to be monitored, to monitor / have real-time measurement stations set up, to carry out maintenance and operation processes, to establish a national monitoring network,

10) To cooperate with relevant institutions and organizations in monitoring soil quality throughout the country,

11) To carry out issuing and using of the exhaust gas emission measurement authorization certificate, quality assurance inspection of measuring devices and equipment, as well as determining the criteria for the evaluation of complaints and coordinating the studies on this issue,

12) To carry out / contract a third party to carry out pre-assessment studies on air quality, to determine the pollution parameters to be monitored, to measure and analyze these parameters, to collect, evaluate and report the resulting data,

13) To establish / have air quality measurement stations installed across the country, to ensure the maintenance and operation of these stations, to cooperate with the monitoring networks of institutions and organizations, to direct mobile air quality measurement stations to places with increased pollution, to make measurements and to report them to the relevant authorities,

14) To cooperate with the Regional Clean Air Centers and the relevant units of the Ministry in order to develop clean air action plans and conduct pollution modeling studies at regional and local scale,

15) To report air quality data to national and international institutions and organizations and present them to the public, to create and implement monitoring programs in coordination with institutions and organizations, to publish monthly, annual and winter air quality reports at local and regional scale,

16) To carry out monitoring, keeping inventory and reporting of long-range cross-border air pollution,

17) To carry out establishing, operating and nationally disseminating of a monitoring, recording and reporting system for the release and transportation of pollutants originating from industrial facilities to receiving environments; To evaluate the data generated, to report it to national and international institutions and organizations and to present them to the public,

18) To organize trainings on the subjects within its field of duty, to carry out or contract a third party to carry out publication works, to monitor national and international studies, to participate and to ensure their implementation at national level,

19) To follow and direct the activities of Local Environmental Boards within the scope of the duties of the department,

20) To fulfill similar duties assigned by the General Manager.