Directorate General of Environmental Impact Assessment, Permit and Inspection

Directorate General of Environmental Impact Assessment, Permit and Inspection

Duties of the General Directorate

Within the scope of the Presidential Decree on the Presidential Organization (Decree Number = 1) published in the Official Gazette dated 10 July 2018 and numbered 30474;

ARTICLE 104 – (1) The duties and powers of the General Directorate of Environmental Impact Assessment, Permit and Inspection are as follows:

a) To carry out environmental impact assessment and strategic environmental assessment studies and to take the necessary decisions, monitor and audit them,

b) To monitor all kinds of activities and facilities aimed at preventing environmental pollution and improving environmental quality, to take and have the necessary measures taken, to inspect, to issue environmental permits and licenses,

c) To monitor and control the emission, discharge and wastes and treatment and disposal systems of activities and facilities that cause environmental pollution,

ç) To monitor the activities related to waste and chemicals, air pollution, noise, vibration and non-ionizing radiation that have negative effects on the environment throughout the country, including free zones, to determine all kinds of activities that have negative effects on underground and surface waters, seas and soil, to carry out controlling activities, to stop activities in dangerous situations or when necessary,

d) To carry out the works and procedures related to the establishment and management of clean air centers,

e) To carry out documenting, monitoring and auditing of the compliance of motor vehicles exhaust emissions with the determined standards,

f) To monitor the receiving environments, to create the relevant infrastructure, to determine, implement and implement measurement and analysis criteria in relation to environmental pollution; To establish and have established laboratories that will carry out all kinds of environmental measurements, monitoring, analysis and controls, to carry out their accreditation procedures; To determine the institutions that will measure the receiving environments,

g) To carry out the licensing, monitoring and auditing of all kinds of waste disposal facilities,

ğ) To carry out inspections in order to determine the conformity and reliability of the products that fall within the scope of duty of the Ministry with the relevant legislation and technical regulations, to ensure coordination between authorized institutions

h) To prepare the environmental inventory and environmental status reports and to maintain relations with the European Environment Agency,

ı) To monitor and supervise the activities in its field of duty, to monitor international studies and to ensure their implementation of the same at national level,

i) To fulfill other duties assigned by the Minister.